Christmas Procrastinator

so.... its december.  and most people have had their holiday decorations up for a while.  not us.  we have that lone mickey ornament from disney... and an empty xmas tin of peanut brittle.

i swear, i will get my act together this weekend.

and christmas cards... yah...i haven't started them.  at all.  i haven't even picked one out.  last year's rocked, and this year, i haven't even taken the photo yet.  nice, huh?

so then i start seeing everyone blog about getting free chistmas cards for blogging about shutterfly's 50 free cards thing... and i think... aha!  i just might be getting ahead by procrastinating.  so last year's card was designed by a great etsy artist... and took some coordinating.  and then printing.  and shipping.  and it was definitely the 11th hour by the time i got them addressed, stamped and in the mail.  this year, i think i might try out simplifing with shutterfly's holiday cards and photo cards.

they really are quite cute:
or maybe this one?

or about a zillion more...

and then, while i am there, maybe i will even make a holiday calendar with the kid's photos for my parents... or my grandmother...

and maybe while i am at it, work on creating a birthday invitation for mr. pickles as well.  because his is coming up.  and i have yet to plan it.  well sort of.  i have somewhat planned it, but not nailed a single thing down.  am i a commitment phobe?  seriously... what is my deal??

but back to the holiday cards... i have not a clue what i am wearing, nor is my hair cleaned.  i have clean laundry all over that needs to be put away.  and now it is past midnight.  lets hope i have a productive weekend.  i guess i have already started by checking off this blog post from my list!

xoxo, s

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