A Good Sign

i've got a long, picture heavy post coming.  it's written.  i have to flickr the photos, etc.  i'll post it tomorrow.

but for now, i will just post one thing.  my cat came back {or rather, let me pick him up out of the neighbor's yard}

it took five weeks {almost to the minute} to get him back.  i have had the most vivid dreams of his return.  what a great ending to my day.


he's skinny, but so sweet.  very affectionate.  it took about an hour for him to calm down once i got him inside.  i can't begin to tell you how relieved i feel.  he's okay.  he's back with us.  and it seems like he is really happy to be home.  its a good sign for us. 

and ethan can stop breaking my heart with "i really miss hobbes, mama" and "where's hobbes?  i miss him"

meanwhile, my himalayan is totally peeved at not being an only kitty anymore.  {growls and hisses}


on another note, did the full moon make your children misbehave today?  or was it just my children?

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