let me just get this out here -- my christmas cards will be late.  and i am sad.  and sorry.  and stressed.  i should have opted for expedited shipping, because once the company got behind, they still have to ship it... i should get them by thursday.  so... if i work quite quickly, you could get them after christmas.  see the thing is, i like to hand address my envelopes.  oh man, i am bummed.

i'll be back later with a post about celebrating ethan's birthday and early christmas with my family.  until then, i'll just be peeved about my christmas cards.


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  1. Thanks for the comment and the previous comments. I just found your blog. Great looking family. It may not be any consolation, but from my almost 60 year old vantage point, everyone will be happy to get the picture card, late or not.


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