i have a secret weapon.  his name is wilbert.  and he is our elf.


so far ethan has had impeccable behavior.  he has eaten whatever dinner i have told him to.  including vegetables.  has not thrown fits when asked to go potty or take a bath.  and has even gone down easily for naps.  he wakes up in a better mood.  all thanks to our elf, wilbert.

perhaps you need an 'elf on the shelf.'  it has been worth every. single. penny.

i am not exaggerating.  ask my husband.

go get an elf.

xoxo, stephanie


  1. We have given The Elf on the Shelf as a gift to all our nieces and nephews, but have yet to purchase one of our own. However, I think I will buy a different elf when we do implement the whole thing (perhaps next year). The one that comes with the book kind of freaks me out a bit. :0)

  2. you will love it... it has been enchanting. highlight of my christmas season!


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