Y'all, it was WONDERFUL

i really love disney.

you see, i had never been to disney world.  and i have always wanted to go... so when the opportunity arose to tag along with my husband while he attended a conference, i jumped at the chance.  and then i realized that there are thick novels of information written about visiting disney world.  so i read them.  and researched online.  and plotted out all aspects of our trip, basically sending me close to the loony bin at times.

but it was worth it.


we ate delicious food.  stayed at a great resort.  and saw nearly everything on my list.  i absolutely loved it... so did ethan.  it was the perfect age to take him, because activities were ethan focused.  savannah didn't care if she wasn't riding rides.  she had fun just looking around.  or sleeping in the stroller.  or being nursed someplace publicly.  yes, i was that mom at times.  i'll never see those people again, so who cares, right?

one truth you must know about the trip was that ethan had some sort or viral stomach bug and had diarrhea for the entire trip.  start to finish.  as in, the morning we left i was cleaning his duvet in the bathtub.  it got more interesting from there:  the airport, the plane, etc. etc.  it stayed strong all the way through needing a outfit change as we were checking out of the hotel.  yes, it was that bad.  and yes, we have had some potty training regression.  ohhhh well.  i have a new found respect for my husband -- my jaw hit the floor several times when he volunteered to take ethan to the men's room.  amazing.

fun times, right?  well the little guy never skipped a beat.  i wish i had that kind of stamina.   

the plane trip was wonderful, and this contraption was a helpful addition.  i don't know if it did anything other than make sure that the wiggle worm stayed put.  it was worth it to me... i probably wouldn't want to risk it and see what it would be like without it.  and we rented a double stroller.  if you are in the market for a double stroller, might i suggest to you the city mini?  it was fantastic.  seriously.  i would love one.


disney's magical express and not having to worry about car seats was wonderful.  the food at JIKO in our hotel was wonderful.  looking out our windows at animal kingdom lodge and seeing the animals was wonderful.

i could gush on and on.

i never saw so many people sporting mickey clothes.  it was strange.  i knew it was time to go home when i started thinking certain things were cute, and might be nice additions to my wardrobe.  again, scary disney.  {a mickey purse?  scarf?  save me!}

but back to the fun... there were several highlights for me.  one was ethan on the tomorrowland speedway ride.  he. loved. it.  he went over and over again.  it was the best part of his trip.  he also got a big kick out of chip and dale.  and donald duck.  who knew...?



another highlight -- the fireworks at the very merry christmas party.  and the castle lighting.

and dinner at JIKO.  mmmm.... dinner at JIKO was wonderful.

it all was wonderful.  i can't wait to return. 







there are a few more photos that i put on flickr... just click on one of the photos above and it will take you there.  and if you want my psycho touring plans, just send me an email...

xoxo, steph


  1. Yay! So glad you had a good trip. I know how treasured time with the family and husband are and I'm so glad you got to spend it in such a fun place. You can just see the excitement across Ethan's face!

  2. I loved reading about your trip and your pictures are so good! And I wanted to comment that I, too, go crazy with itineraries. I LOVE planning trips and I buy the guidebooks, too. You're not alone ;)


  3. So jealous you went during Xmas!! We've been & it was the MOST MAGICAL place EVER! Cannot wait to go back with kids. Or alone. ;)


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